Strongest Safety Narrative

Insurance companies discount when you demonstrate best practices. 

Most home care agencies run background checks on caregivers, ensure proper matching of caregivers and clients, and run home safety assessments. Yet, insurers have no way to tell who is actually doing this. The result is most home care agencies are bundled together in a higher risk pool, or even bundled with home health providers. Using our WorkSafe Program, your agency follows safety best practices. You then manage and prove this via the WorkSafe Central module within ClearCare, giving your agency the strongest safety narrative available for home care. 

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Prescriptive Safety Program

Safe practices lead to lower premiums. 

We went directly to the largest insurance companies and pitched why home care agencies deserve additional credits for its safety practices. They were excited to work with us to create a better, more competitive program for the home care industry. We identified the top factors that can lead to caregiver injuries and tailored a safety program that could be managed and tracked within ClearCare. 

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Smart Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Technology enabled insurance.

Powered by the ClearCare Online software platform, your agency can prove adherence to safety best practices. This transparency gives insurers increased confidence writing a workers’ compensation policy for your agency. 

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